Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Self Portrait Project

Due October 10

The self-portrait has been part of the artist tradition for hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of years. Before cameras were invented, painters created self-portraits. Rembrant, Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo provide a few examples of artists who painted self-portraits. Musicians, writers and other artists created self-portraits.

I have my own version of self-portraits that I call Awkward Self-portraits. Sometimes I take casual pictures; other times I spend more time taking these images than it appears. I have many reasons for taking these pictures. I do it for fun, as a way of expression. I also figure that if my students are expected to reveal something about themselves, I might as well do the same.

Your teacher is not cool, but other people can show you an alternative. Here are some cool examples from the Photoshelter blog. I also encourage you to study Wendy Alas and her project. She shot many different self-portraits on different days. Every person feels different on different days and in different situations, so this is normal. Doing this type of project also help you learn about the project. Two days ago, we looked at the NY Times Lens gallery called "Selfies Against the Death Penalty." These images can provide further inspiration.

By Friday, submit a blog post with a photo that could be used for the ATPI self-portrait Contest. See the photo gallery. Save the photo in a SAFE PLACE so that you can submit if you wish.

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