Thursday, April 23, 2015

And the winner for Best Picture

Before you create your Weebly website, you will choose your best photo and research other photographers' websites. (The online group of twelve Photo 1 students decided to use Weebly instead of Wix.)

1. Choose your best picture - this one photo will tell the viewer who you are as a photographer (this is the most difficult part of the assignment). It is the first image people will see when launching your website.
2. Post your post picture in a Blogger blog post (before creating your Weeebly site)
3. Find five About (or Info) pages of photographers that you like. Post those links. (This is an individual assignment)

We are going to share our best pictures at the beginning of class; then you will create your Weebly site and add your best picture to your Weebly photography website (do not chose the weebly blog option.

When you are finished with this assignmentt,email the link

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  1. I thought to get some ideas but no one posted anything here. I am also learning photography and joined as assistant to a local Port Macquarie Photographer but was wondering how other students are doing, so I know if I am going on right path or not!