Tuesday, May 5, 2015

First Commercial Shoot

Due Friday May 8
Choose a project group of 3 or 4 members
Select an inspiration from a commercial shoot
One person from the group will send me your choice and cc the other group members
5 photos total from your group's first commercial shoot.
Each person must take one of the 5 total pictures.
One of the photos must be print ready (11x17)
This is a project grade... if the assignment is late, you will lose 15 percent of the grade for each class day.

Post all of the images on your Blogger blog and credit the photographer who shot each image (include the photographer's name and blogger site.)

We will share work at the end of class Friday

Our first commercial shoot was inspired by Dave Hill's Vanity Fair Hollywood  Edition Photo Shoot.

We have studied other fashion and commercial photographers. Some students chose well known fashion photographers for their Masters of Photography project. (for example, Irvin Penn)

I am including an ongoing list of photographers and sites for your group to use.
In the second section of the Dave Hill documentary, Hill shot Film Noir inspired images. I have included photographer George Hurrell so that you can learn more about this time period.
You can search Vogue Magazine's photographer list and see Irvin Penn and many others.

We watched a few Annie Leibovitz videos, including this B-Roll video. How did the production team improve the photo?

We also learned how to use a softbox different ways.

Below are some photos of our class at work

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