Friday, October 3, 2014

depth of field - shallow

Shallow Depth of Field

On September 29th, 2014, all four photography classes took pictures of me using a shallow depth of field. (I set the f/stop at 2.8) Due October 10, 2014.

Here are some examples from the day.

photo by Aileen Hsu

Photo by 2nd period, Shagun Srivastava

Photo by 4th period

In your (new) groups, take pictures with a shallow depth of field. If you can adjust the f/stop, change it to the lowest setting. If you have a point and shoot, use the macro or portrait. Some camera phones allow you to select the focus.

Upload the photo to Camera Raw for any edits. Post the photo on your blog and list/ explain any of your edits. DUE October 10.

Another note: if "you have nothing else to do,"

Watch online lessons about depth of field, such as this one from Adorama Video or read this article from Digital Camera World.
You may study composition (search "photography" and "composition")
You may almost always research "the masters of photography." The Hall of Fame is a good place to start.
Please review the ATPI competition. Whether we submit to contest or not, you should know how to submit a photo to the competition. What are the categories? What file size would you submit? What dpi? What is dpi?

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