Monday, February 9, 2015

Movie Monday - The Photo League

Ordinary Miracles - The Photo League
  1. What was The Photo League's credo?
  2. What organization did The Photo League separate from?
  3. What was the workshop?
  4. Who taught "the workshop?"
  5. If you were to devote one year of your life to one project, what project is worth your time and energy?
  6. What was The Harlem Document?
  7. Who started The Harlem Document?
  8. A photographer discusses a photograph where "the children looked like they came out of a __________ painting. Who was the painter? 
  9. Why did the photograph mentioned in #8 look like it was by the painter? 
  10. Who was Lewis Hine? (name two significant contributions)
  11. Who was Weegee?
  12. How did The League change when The Nazis took power?
  13. How did The League change during WWII?
  14. How did Siskind change after WWII?
  15. What was the Saturday Evening post?
  16. Who was Barbara Morgan? What did she photograph?
  17. What eventually undermined the Photo League?
  18. What was the "Growing Menace" mentioned in the film?
  19. Who agreed to serve as President when The League was under investigation?
  20. What happened to the league?
Notice these things too
  1. The picture of Chicks Candy Store and the Charlotte Russe
  2. Henry James
  3. Frank Capra
  4. Glenn Miller and The Andrews Sisters
  5. The Photo Hunt
  6. The Munich Agreement
  7. Alfred Stiegligtz
  8. Daguerre

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