Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Daily Participation Expections

Classroom Expectations
  1. On time, On task.
  2. Do your own work (Don't steal or "borrow" pictures)
  3. Be helpful
  4. Participate in class; participate with your group
  5. Problem Solve/ Identify Problems

Students meet my average expectations by doing the first three items on the list. Students meet my above average expectations by participating in class and with their group. Students exceed expectations by identifying and solving problems and doing the other four items.

Phone - You may use your phone only for photography assignments
Classwork from different classes - May you work on other assignments when you are finished with your photography assignments? Yes, but you are never finished with your photography assignments. (If you think you have finished, study the masters, research technique or your personal photography interests.)
Photography Assignments in your other classes - I expect that you will not disrupt your other classes by doing photography projects in other classes. This is not the time to study for your other classes.
Do you remember signing the appropriate computer use contract? We can provide a copy.
When contacting the teacher about a grade or important issue, please send the message to his school email. (I have two.)
Food and drink should be kept away from the computers.
When taking pictures outside with your group, students

  • leave with their group
  • stay with their group
  • return with their group

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