Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Second Quarter Check-List

  1. Create an appropriate Gmail that identifies you AS YOU
  2. Correct your post titles
  3. Add an email signature with a link to your blog
  4. Add one link-list of all group members
  5. Add another link-list of "important" blogs (lens, time, life, class blog, International Photography Hall of Fame)
  6. Check that all links work on your site
  7. Check that your group members' Blog Post Titles and links work TOO!
  8. Add a profile photo and an About Me photo that identifies you somehow (and not just your love of ladybugs)
  9. Blog Post Titles
  10. Check your Group Members' Blog Post Titles TOO!\
  11. Remove redundant posts (see #6 and #7; and #10)
  12. Fix fonts, spacing, spelling and numberingh (updated on 11/7/14)

  1. Practice leaving comments on your group members' posts. 
  2. Respond to the comments on your page.
  3. If you added blog posts, please put them in the correct order and include update information (#15 was updated on November 7, 2014)

You are responsible for everyone in your group.
Everyone in your group is responsible for you.

Once everyone in your group has completed these tasks, you may continue with the next project. I must double check your work before your group may continue.

You are a smart and talented group of students who and class has many available resources. You may use them. You may also ask other groups for information. Once you finish these tasks, you may start the next photo assignment.

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