Thursday, November 13, 2014

Masters of Photography Project

After you have completed the student checklist and Mr. Farley has approved your group's work, your group may choose a Master Photographer from the International Photography Hall of Fame Museum.

In addition to this list, you may also choose Irving Penn.

Once a photographer has been chosen by any of the four classes, that person may not be selected by any other group.

Masters Assignment

For this assignment, each group member will complete five photographs that are inspired or influenced by the master photographer chosen by the group. 

Student will include five finished photos (along with the five original "before photos") in a blog post titled "Inspired by a Master - ___" In the post, describe how you edited the photo so that your original photo appeared similar to an image taken by the master photographer. Since many of the masters photographed with black and white film, your color digital files will probably need editing. 

Each student will also write a short description of the photographer explaining why the photographer is considered a master and what the student learned from the project.

You may include links to the master photographers' images, but do not include their work unless you have permission.


Photographers chosen so far

Ansel Adams (2nd)

Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre (3rd)

Yousuf Karsh (4th)

Phillippe Halsman (3rd)

Imogen Cunningham (4th)

Robert Capa (4)

Eugene Atget (1st)

Peter Dombrovskis (1st) now available!

Irving Penn (1st)

W. Eugene Smith (1st)

Carleton Watkins (2)

Bernice Abbott (2)

Andre Kertesz (2)

Josef Sudek (4)

Julia Margaret Cameron (4)

Lazlo Moholy-Nagy (4)

Bill Brandt (1)

Margaret Bourke-White (3)

Clarence White (3)

Henri Cartier-Bresson (3)

Gordon Parks (1)

Robert Frank (3)

Paul Strand (2)

Richard Avedon (2)

Eadweard Muybridge (3)

Ansel Adams Government site

Ansel Adams Gallery

PBS Experience

Sierra Club

Robert Frank NPR The Americans

Half Past Autumn Video - Gordon Parks

Moholy-Nagy Foundation

Paul Strand 

Muybridge (National Museum)

Halsman (Jump Pictures)


  1. Period: 1. Row 3 chooses Photographer William Eugene Smith

  2. Period 1, Rudy's group chooses Photographer Eugene Atget

  3. Period 2, Row 2 chooses Berenice Abbott.

  4. Period 4, Row 1 chooses Josef Sudek

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  6. Period 1, Row 2 changes from Peter Dombrovskis to Gordon Parks