Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Communications Assignment

Before I started using email, I collected mail. I still collect mail. Now I also collect messages online. I have several email addresses and websites. I stop using some email addresses when I change jobs. I lost thousands of saved email addresses when my email server changed a few years ago. Some of my email addresses just fade away.

Online communication was marketed as a tool to make our lives easier. Perhaps that has happened. Online communication has also made it easier for our lives to be more clutter. 

Today we will clean up some of the clutter. Each person will fix their email signature. The signature should include the student name, grade, school and blog link.

Each student adds a link list with the blog links of the current group members. Each group members verifies all of the links on the link list. By verify, I mean that you click on the link. If it does not work, fix it.

As we say in 3rd Period, "Remember, that computer is more expensive than your shoes."

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