Monday, March 2, 2015

Half Past Autumn - Gordon Parks pt 1 and 2

Movie Monday - Half Past Autumn

Post the answers in a blog post after the segment. You can continue adding responses to the same post after future segments. 

  1. On the day Gordon Parks was born, how did the doctor save Gordon's life?
  2. Where was Gordon born? (what state?)
  3. What did Gordon's class adviser, Ms. McClintock, tell him about college?
  4. How old was Gordon when his mother died?
  5. Where did Gordon move after his mother died?
  6. Did Gordon graduate from college?
  7. How did Gordon begin his fashion photography career?
  8. What is a "double exposure?"
  9. Who was boxer Joe Louis?
  10. What instrument did Gordon play?
  11. What was the purpose of the Farm Security Administration?
  12. When Roy Stryker hired Gordon for the FSA, what was Stryker's first assignment for Gordon in Washington, D.C.?
  13. Who was Ella Watson?
  14. What was the inspiration for Grant Wood's American Gothic?
  15. What did Gordon learn from Stryker about photography?

to 21:44

16. When did the FSA shut down?
17. After Gordon moved to New York, what magazine did he shoot for?
18. Who was the picture editor of Life Magazine when Gordon walked into the Life Magazine office?
19. What was the first major story Parks covered for Life Magazine?
20. Who were some of the artists that Gordon Parks mentioned influenced his work after he moved to the Paris Life Magazine bureau?
21. How did Parks shoot fashion when he lived in France?
22.Where was Parks' concerto performed?
23. Who was Parks' second wife? (Who was her father? What did she do?)
24. How old was Flavio de Silva when Parks met him?
25. When did Parks meet Flavio?
26. Where did Flavio live when Parks first met Flavio and his family?
27. How is Gloria Vanderbilt? Who is her famous son? Who are her ancestors?
28. How did Vanderbilt describe their relationship?

to 48:00

Part 3

What is your definition of successful?
What have you given up to become successful?
What did Parks give up to become successful?
How much was Parks advanced to write his first book (and eventual best-selling autobiography)?
How much money did Elijah Muhammad offer Parks to do a story on The Nation of Islam?
Why did Parks refuse the money?

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