Sunday, April 19, 2015

Movie Monday - Eugene Smith

Last Monday we began watching the W. Eugene Smith documentary "Photography Made Difficult." Gene Smith was a master photo storyteller who often spent weeks preparing stories. His photo essays are classics. Last week, we studied his 1948 photo essay Country Doctor.

Today you will continue watching the documentary. (If for some reason, you are unable to watch any video, continue working on your photo story that is due at the beginning of class Tuesday.)

Part 3.
Part 4
Part 5a
Part 5b

Last week, we also learned that "after Smith learned how to make a single beautiful photograph, he became a master a telling stories with groups of photos. So, what is your best single photo? You do not need to answer this question on Monday, but you will need to answer this question a few more times before you finish the school year.

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