Thursday, January 15, 2015

Album Cover Recreation

Thursday January 8th would have been Elvis Presley's 80th birthday.
In the 1950's, Elvis was The King of Rock and Roll. He is still considered the iconic rock star. The 1956 album Elvis Presley, as well as the album cover, are American classics.

For your next assignment, you will recreate an Elvis photo or one of his album covers. If Elvis is not your thing, you may recreate a cover from one of the top 500 albums (according to Rolling Stone Magazine.)
"Every Picture Tells A Story" Recreation - Picture by Lucas, Period 3
Here is a quick portrait of a recreation completed with the help of one of my students in Period 3. The album is Every Picture Tells A Story by Rod Stewart at 172 of Rolling Stone's top 500 Albums.

Each student must take a picture. Please post the photo on the blog and link to the album cover or photo.

I am posting on January 15 but this was assigned last week. Tomorrow we will prepare for your final.

Period 1 Album Covers
The Best of Girl Groups, Vol 1 and 2
The Velvet Underground and Nico
AC/DC, 'Highway to Hell'
The Beatles, 'Please Please Me'
The Beatles, 'Abbey Road'

Period 2 Album Covers
David Bowie, 'Low'

Elvis Costello, 'This Years Model' - "Radio is a sound salvation"

Period 3 Album Covers
Simon and Garfunkel, 'Bookends' I said "Be careful his camera is really a bowtie"
Patti Smith, 'Horses'
The Beatles, 'Help'  at #331
Neil Young with Crazy Horse, 'Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere'  "... a dreamer of pictures...."

Period 4 Album Covers
The Band, The Band #45
Blondie, 'Parallel Lines'
John Lennon, 'The Plastic Ono Band' #23
James Brown, 'In the Jungle Groove'
Talking Heads, 'Remain in Light'

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