Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Movie Monday - Life Magazine and Gordon Parks

Begin Today by viewing the New York Times Lens Blog story about Life Magazine photographer Gordon Parks.

When was this photo taken? What year? What time of day?

Where was this photo taken? What place? What city? What general location? (I am looking for a three word response, last word "South")

We will continue watching Phototojournalism: The Life Magazine Way.

In your group, answer the following questions on one piece of paper. Also answer the questions above about Gordon Parks.
Please include all group members names and signatures. (Grading is easier if you include the date and period)

  1. When was Life Magazine first published?
  2. How often was it published?
  3. Who founded the magazine?
  4. Who shot the first cover?
  5. Who was Martin and Lewis?
  6. Who wrote Mad Dogs and Englishmen?
  7. When was the Selma to Montgomery March?
  8. Who was Walter Cronkite?
  9. Who photographed Debbie Reynolds in New York for Life Magazine? (The photographer is an inductee of the International Hall of Fame.) 
  10. Who is Debbie Reynolds' daughter? Who is her granddaughter? Are these women known as her daughter and granddaughter or something else?
  11. When did Life Magazine last publish a weekly magazine?
  12. When did Life Magazine resume publishing?

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