Monday, December 8, 2014

Movie Monday December 8 - Robert Capa

It's another Movie Monday! 
Today we are watching our third installment of "In Love and War." 

You will submit one piece of paper for your entire group.

1-10. Each group writes ten (10) interesting facts from today's film. Take turns. Do not write twice in a row unless you are the only person in your group today. We will watch about twenty minutes of the film today (until the 1:06 mark.)

11. View Losing The Media in Afghanistan slideshow on Lens and choose the image that is most similar to one taken by Robert Capa. On your paper, list the photo number 11. You do not need to explain your reasoning. Your group must agree. Since all photographs were taken by Magnum photographer Larry Towell, your choice will probably be valid. 

Turn in one piece of paper for the group.

1. Robert Capa dated Ingrid Bergman. (#33)
10. Robert Capa was not his birth name (#99)

11. x of 19 (which photo is most "Capaesque")

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