Wednesday, December 10, 2014

More on the Masters of Photography Project

I wanted to provide more guidance for the Masters of Photography Project.

  • Include all 5 finished photos in one blog post.
  • Include all your original photos in the same post. (You might need to include more than 5 original photos since some students combined pictures to create a final picture.)
  • You needed to take the pictures you are including in the post.
  • If you are including pictures from your master photographer, you need permission.
  • Title "Masters of Photography - The Photographer You Chose"

In the same blog post, write a brief description about your master photographer. Discuss these topics and questions. I want to thank the students from 2nd period, especially Aashna, for helping me draft the questions below.

About the Photographer

  • Time Period
  • Location
  • Object/Subject (nature, people, war, scientific achievement)
  • What makes the photographer unique?

Your View

  • Why did you choose the photographer?
  • How did the photographer inspire you?
  • How did this change while working on the project?

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