Friday, March 6, 2015

Elements of Art - Plant Life

We have been learning The Elements of Art by photographing plant life. Compared to rules of composition, the elements of art are consistent across artistic disciplines and languages. (There are some lists that also include Perspective)

  • For each assignment, photograph plant life and emphasize the element of art. 
  • Edit the photo in Camera Raw and include your edits.
  • Create a separate post for each Element of Art. You may include more than one photo for each element if you wish, but you many not use the same photo twice.
After the final day, I will begin posting some of my photos from our shoots. The photos appear below the description of the element.


Line - a line can be straight or curved; it is probably the "simplest," but not necessarily the easiest element to reproduce.

Shape -

Form -

Space - The area around object (often called "negative space"). My attempts to describe space are similar to my attempts to define wind. We can often see the result of space.

Blossoms at Mission San Jose HS, with LGG3
Exposure -15
Contrast +27
Highlights +27
Shadows +32

Color - Our students used the Twister game wheel.
4th Period (Green bottom left corner)

Green, "right foot" (lower right quadrant)

Texture -

To see other examples, a former Instagram Community Evangelist work.

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