Monday, March 23, 2015

Movie Monday Half Past Autumn Part 3 and 4

Today we will finish Gordon Parks' - Half Past Autumn

Please begin the class by browsing the Gordon Parks Foundation site and read his biography.

For the last section, answer the following questions. Post the answers in a blog post after the segment. 

Part 3 and 4

  1. What is your definition of successful?
  2. What have you given up to become successful?
  3. What did Parks give up to become successful?
  4. Who was Genevieve Young's father?
  5. How much was Parks advanced to write his first book (and eventual best-selling autobiography)?
  6. How much money did Elijah Muhammad offer Parks to do a story on The Nation of Islam?
  7. Why did Parks refuse the money?
  8. What was significant about the movie The Learning Tree?
  9. What was significant about the character Shaft?
  10. What was Gordon Parks' choice of weapons?
  11. What reason did Genevieve Young give for the divorce?
  12. In 1984, Parks directed Solomon Northrup's Odyssey. What recent feature film told the same story?
  13. Who was Gordon Parks, jr?
  14. What is your favorite Gordon Parks photo?
  15. What will you remember about Gordon Parks in ten years?

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