Thursday, June 4, 2015

About A Bunch of Things - About Me, Shadow and Light

As we finish the year, I am tying up some loose ends.

When I assigned you "About Me" page, I suggested that you include a recent photo. I also suggested that you ask someone to edit your text. I probably should have taken my advice. I thought that I would include some of my About Me pages so that you can learn from my mistakes. (Hopefully, I will fix my errors before the year ends.)

My photography page
My photography blog
My old photography blog (more than kids)
My LinkedIn profile
My AboutMe page

You might not notice some of my bigger mistakes, but I have made them. Perhaps this will hold me accountable.

Life Magazine included Mary Ellen Mark's photo essay about street life today. Some of you might be searching for last minute inspiration. You can view Streets of the Lost here.

Today in class we listened to an interview "Infiltrating the Dark Net" about internet trolls and other hidden places online. This is worth hearing a few times. We have discussed similar issues many times when students bypass the iBoss filter; however, there is a much bigger discussion about anonymity and responsibility.

I realize that I forgot to post some links from an earlier Movie Monday. So in case you want to view these later, you can find them below.

Joe McNally's Great Lighting Tips
Joe McNally's Dance Photo Video
A Quick Thing About Shadow
Lindsay Adler's Dream "Dress" Rehearsal
10 CS6 Photoshop Tips for Beginners
Dr. Brown's Top 6 CS6 Tips
Julieanne Kost's 6 CS6 Tips

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