Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Final Exam - Digital Photo

  1. For your Final Exam, you will create a blog post titled "Final Exam" (10)
  2. You will send an email with the subject "Period x - Final Exam" (10)
  3. Your email signature will have your blog and weebly site. If I cannot access those sites, I will not be able to grade the remaining part of your final exam. (10)
  4. Yesterday we reviewed the New York Times Lens blog article about Magnum photographers. Today you will choose your transformative photo. What photo have you taken this school year that changed how you viewed photography? What is your decisive photo? Why? (include the photo and explanation) (20)
  5. What is the difference between shape and form? (10)
  6. What is the difference between pattern and repetition? (10)
  7. Define movement using one of your photos and an explanation. You may also link to your earlier explanation when we defined principles of design. (10)
  8. Of the last three projects, what was your best work? Include the link to your best work and explain why you believe this is your best work. How did this project change you? How did you learn to see differently? (20)

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