Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Final Exam - Period 3

  1. For your Final Exam, you will create a blog post titled "Final Exam" (10)
  2. You will send an email with the subject "Period 3 - Final Exam" (10)
  3. Your email signature will have your blog and weebly site. If I cannot access those sites, I will not be able to grade the remaining part of your final exam. (10)
  4. On Monday we reviewed the New York Times Lens blog article about Magnum photographers. Today you will choose your transformative photo. What single photo have you taken this school year that changed how you view photography? Why? (include the photo and an explanation) (20)
  5. What is the difference between shape and form? Include the links from your Elements of Art post that define Shape and Form (10) You might need to include two links or one from your blog. (To clarify, include your posts where you took the photo illustrating the concept.)
  6. What is the difference between pattern and repetition? Include your links that define pattern and repetition. (10) You should include two separate links. (To clarify again, include your posts where you took photographs and explained the concepts.)
  7. Include the link to your Weebly About page. This page should be complete. Also include a separate link to another photographer's About Page who inspired you. (10)
  8. Include your last three project links. Also identify which of these projects was your best? Explain why you believe this is your best work. How did this project change you? How did you learn to see differently? (20)

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