Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Final Exam - First Semester Pd 1 and 2

Final Exam, Digital Photo
January 21, 2015
Periods 1 and 2

Create a blog post titled Period 1 (or 2) - Semester Final. When finished, send the finished post by email with the same subject.

  1. What is your favorite photo from this Lens slideshow? Provide three reasons that it is your favorite.
  2. Which photo is the best from the slideshow? Provide three reasons.
  3. What is your best work this semester? Include the blog link. Give three reasons why this is your best work. If you had more time, how would you do to improve the project.
  4. You chose three rules of composition. What are your three rules?
  5. Select one of your own photos that illustrates your ability to apply at least two of the three rules. Insert the photo into the post and label the picture. Clearly include the two rules of composition that you are using.
  6. I have three rules of composition. I have explained one already. What is my first rule?
  7. What are the benefits of working in groups? Provide a list with five benefits.
  8. What are the difficulties of working in groups? List five difficulties.
  9. What is your favorite project produced by another person in this class? Provide the link to their work.

A little history

10. You studied a master photographer and reproduced his or her work. Who was the photographer? What did the photographer contribute to the field of photographer? List one significant contribution.

11. What is Dorothea Lange's most popular photo? (Does the photo have a name?) Where was the photo taken? When? What agency employed Dorothea when she took the photo?

12. When did Life Magazine begin publishing?

13. When was Elvis born?

14. Robert Capa was a founding member of what organization? When did it start?

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