Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Masters of Photography Written Reflection

On Monday, you posted a reflection about your Masters of Photography Project. Today you will submit a handwritten reflection with a score. You may include the same information from Monday's reflection. You may edit. You choose.

Here are the requirements.

Paragraph 1 - In the first paragraph, discuss what you did well. You could begin your paragraph by writing, "For the Masters of Photography Project I did many things well." I am looking for complete answers... not necessarily complete sentences.

Paragraph 2 - In the second paragraph, explain how you might work differently now that you have more experience. (What could you improve?)

Paragraph 3 - Include the following text

"I believe that a score of ______ out of 100 accurately describes my effort and achievement for the Masters of Photography Project. I do not deserve more than the score I listed, nor do I deserve less."

Print your name,
Sign your name,

Include the date below.

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