Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Final Exam Review

For the final,

Bring your own tissue paper, pencil, paper and pen. We will use the computers. I will assign your seat. You will not have access to your cell phone. Please put it away before you walk into the class. HOWEVER, you may use Gmail and the chat function to communicate with people in the class.

What are the benefits and disadvantages of working in groups (What are the benefits for students, teachers and community?)

I will probably give you a slideshow from Lens that looks like this or from Life that looks like this. I will ask you to identify your favorite photo and the best photo. Provide three reasons and support your answers. When possible use academic language, such as rules of composition. I want complete answers more than complete sentences. If you can give both....

You chose three rules of composition. Know them. Live them. Love them.  I will ask you to show or find examples of the rules that you chose. BE PREPARED TO INCLUDE A LINK to your rules.

I might provide a photo and ask you to crop it and/or edit the picture so that the edited image demonstrates that you know your own rules of composition. (Take this photo and crop it....)

Similarly, I have three rules of composition. I have given you my first. What is it? Provide an example.

What is your best work this semester? Include the link. Give three reasons why it is your best work. If you had more time, what would you do to improve the project.

Quick history

Dorothea Lange's most popular photo. Name? Where was the photo taken? When? What agency employed her?

When did Life Magazine begin publishing?

When was Elvis born?

Robert Capa was a founding member of what organization? When did it start?

How many extra points do you get on a final exam (or a photo shoot) for drinking too much caffeine? If you eat poorly, do you think your grades will improve?

Remember to breathe. Sleep. Eat well. Drink water. Manage your stress. Exercise if possible. Get a theme song.

It's just a bunch of tests. You are not your tests. You are your theme song... maybe.

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