Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Create a Blogger Photo Blog

For Photo 1, Use Google Blogger and create a blog.

In the title, name the blog something that will help me identify you as a student in my photography class. You choose. You can also change the title later. (Beware, you cannot do the same with the web address.) More than one person can have the same title, but not the same web address.

In the address, choose something that you can remember. Once you choose the web address (or url), you cannot change it. Consider this choice wisely. The site will tell you if the address has already been taken.

For both the title and address, try to choose something that will help your teacher (that is Mr. Farley), identify you as a student in the class. Hopefully, you will also be able to remember your own title and web address.

Once you have done this part, experiment with the templates and bio information. You can upload a photo of yourself if wish. You can also start with the first photo assignment.


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