Friday, September 26, 2014

Third Photo Assignment - Composition

The third photo blog post is similar to the first two photo blog posts.

Take a photo that illustrates YOUR third rule of photo composition.
Title the post "Third Photo Assignment - My Third Rule"

Save the photo as a jpeg. Include your name and period in the file name, for example your photo could be titled, "YourFirstNamePdx.jpg"

In the body of blog post, name the Rule of Composition that you used, and describe the rule.

Include the photo in the post, please select the large or x-large size. (not required, but preferred.)

Insert Picture HERE!!!

At the bottom of the blog post, list your three rules of composition. (REQUIRED)

  1. Rule 1
  2. Rule 2
  3. Rule 3

When you have completed the first three photo assignments, send this link to me. To help me organize all my messages, please title your email subject line "Period 1 - Three Rules."


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