Friday, September 19, 2014

First Photo Assignment

Here is our first photo assignment. 

The projects will often be written and edited during the first four periods after I have delivered the assignment to each class. Sometimes I will include links or other notes. Today I included the adjusted schedule since we are celebrating our school's 50th birthday.

So, here we go...

Many of you have already submitted photos to me. Many of the photos are excellent.

Today you will submit ONE photo per person that you have taken in the last few days during class that you also edited in Adobe Camera Raw.

Save the photo as a jpeg. Include your name and period in the file name and email subject line.

For example, the email subject could read, "Period 1, First Photo"
your photo could be titled, "YourFirstNamePd1.jpg"

In the body of your email, mention the Rule of Composition that you used.

Once you create your blog, create a blog post titled "First Photo Assignment, My First Rule"

Aileen Hsu from Period 1 took this photo of me last week. She is illustrating the "Rule of Thirds," which is her first rule of composition.

Thank you,


below is the extended Friday schedule

Extended Luncheon Schedule
Period 1             8:00   -     8:54
Period 2             9:01   -     9:55
Break                 9:55   -   10:05
Period 3           10:12   -   11:06
Period 4           11:13   -   12:04
Lunch              12:07   -   12:56
Period 5             1:03   -     1:57
Period 6             2:04   -     2:58
Period 7             3:05   -     3:58

Here you go.

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